The Hills of Franciacorta glimpse the horizon. The breeze of Lake Iseo blows up till there, in what once was a romantic country house hidden in the shade of a Gelso. Among these rolling hills, two brothers, Nicola and Flavia Silvestri, decided one day to transform the grandparents’ residence into a cozy restaurant.¬†This is how Il Gelso of San Martino was born.


Nicola Silvestri is the Chef of Il Gelso di San Martino. A spokesman for a sophisticated, light and charming kitchen that evokes the past, the roots, the secrets of the great Italian Masters, revising them in a contemporary way.

Gelso’s identity is the result of a knowledge contamination that synthesizes and develops so different inspirations learned by the best Masters of the Italian landscape. In his restaurant, Nicola brought a climate of cordiality breathed in his previous experience like at the Enoteca Pinchiorri, il Pescatore, the ability to manipulate the raw materials by recognizing every taste that the great Master Gualtiero Marchesi transmitted him during his long stay in the kitchens Relais & Chateaux.


Where once there was a country house, today there is a cozy restaurant.

The warmth and the family atmosphere that breathed then is still here, imprinted in the space and faces of people. Deserving of the surrounding countryside, some details that bring us back to the past, like the vaulted ceiling, the great fireplace that governs the lounge and the cool dehors overlooking on the green Franciacorta. The tables are few, because the hosts have decided to devote the total care to each guest.